Create New Gmail Account sign up, Sign in

Create New Gmail Account sign up, Sign in
Create New Gmail Account:Over the years popularity has increased tremendously converting it in the #1 email service provider in the world beating out its rival Hotmail by a very far margin. Over 475 million users enjoy Gmail’s amazing features that have been described as easy and reliable by the vast majority of their users. Gmail is free and available to anyone over the age of 13 in any country of the world, it provides users with 15 GB (15000 MB) of storage. Gmail has revolutionized the way emailing works by providing users with enough storage to not have to worry about deleting emails, and features like “undo emails” to avoid embarrassment when sending accidental emails. This tutorial will guide you through the steps for Gmail Login or Gmail Sign in. If you do not have an account, then create a Gmail account.

What distinguishes Gmail from the other email providers is the variety of features it offers, allowing the user to have everything they need in one platform. Gmail offers the ability to mute distracting group emails or senders, the convenience of choosing the way you want to view your email, standard or preview mode (similar to the outlook layout), the creation of Quick Links to bookmark emails and searches, the ability to easily switch between accounts without having to type in your email and password numerous times and the safety of knowing you can remotely sign off any computer/tablet/phone from your device. Besides from the features inside the email itself, Gmail offers automatic synchronization when creating, editing and/or sharing Google docs, it allows you to have an connected YouTube and it offers built-in video chat features to avoid having to register to third party

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Procedure To Create Gmail Account:
Gmail has become the number one email service provider in the world. Gmail’s tremendous popularity have been increasing steadily over the years. In order to access your Gmail account, internet connection is needed because it is a web-based provider. Create Gmail account today to enjoy all its benefits. Google mail, as it is also known provides a variety of features that are described as easy to use and helpful by the majority of the email users.. Also, Gmail offers it services to anyone over the age of 13 in any country over the world. Google mail provides its users with 15 GB of free storage, the ability to create, edit and share Documents that can be downloaded as word documents, PDF’s and others, the convenience of creating power points, storing and editing photos through Google Photos, the access to applications through Google Play, among many others such as Calendar, Books, Wallet, Shopping and Finance.


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